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Soft Fresh Goat Cheese Pops

Soft Fresh Goat Cheese Pops

Our classic rich and creamy soft fresh Canadian goat cheese has taken a roll in sweet, spicy, and savoury flavours: Wild Blueberry & Honey, made with real blueberries, Piri Piri & Honey for some creamy sweet and spicy heat, and Savoury Bruschetta for a classic combo of tomatoes, garlic & herbs. Ideal for entertaining, simply press the pretzel stick provided into the pop, arrange on a platter, and serve for a trendy appetizer that is sure to please. You can also add them to salads, pastas, pitas, pizzas or omelets.


2023 Top 10 Grocer Award

2024 Best New Product Award

Best New Product for Gourmet Cheese category in a 2024 BrandSpark® survey


200 g

Made with fresh Canadian goat milk

Made with fresh Canadian goat milk

Vegetarian friendly

Vegetarian friendly

Hand rolled

Hand rolled

Made with real fruit

Made with real fruit


4 per flavour
Pretzel Sticks
12 Cheese Pops

Cheese Pops

Entertain in seconds

Zesty Piri Piri & Honey Goat Cheese Pop

Zesty Piri Piri & Honey

Savoury Bruschetta Goat Cheese Pop

Savoury Bruschetta

Wild Blueberry & Honey Goat Cheese Pop

Wild Bluberry & Honey


1. Remove from fridge 30 minutes before serving.
2. Peel back the film cover and gently press a pretzel stick into the cheese.
3. Holding the pretzel stick, remove the cheese from the platter. Don’t worry if it breaks, just eat it!
4. Arrange and serve!

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